Barista School

McCabe’s Barista School Co.Wicklow

The first Barista School in Co.Wicklow was established at our roastery in NewtownMountKennedy in 2015. We offer a variety of courses to suit all levels of experience. Our courses are designed to give you the skills required to make coffee to the highest standard in a café environment. Classes are small to offer ‘one to one’ tuition and maximise the time spent on machinery. Certificates are provided on completion of all courses.

Once we receive your booking we will contact you to arrange a time.

– Level 1

Introduction to Coffeean introduction to all the skills required to work as a barista – Duration 4 Hours


  • History of Coffee
  • Coffee processing
  • Introduction to equipment
  • Introduction to espresso
  • The Americano
  • Milk frothing and steaming
  • The Cappuccino
  • The Latte
  • Other drinks
  • Cleaning the machine
  • ‘One to one’ Latte art

– Level 2

Machine maintenanceknowing your coffee equipment – Duration 4 Hours


  • Adjusting the grinder
  • Cleaning the grinder
  • Setting volumes
  • Cleaning the espresso machine
  • Troubleshooting

– Level 3

General Roasting Techniquesroasting, cupping and alternative brew methods – Duration 4 Hours.


  • Tour of the coffee roastery
  • Trips to origin
  • Coffee varietals
  • Single origin and blending
  • Direct trade
  • Fair trade
  • Roasting techniques
  • Cupping
  • Alternative brew methods

– Complete Course This class covers all of the above over 1 full day at the roastery including lunch.