Carefully selected, fresh crop, specialty coffees from farmers we visit and work with around the World. Every month we send a different coffee after our dedicated roasting and cupping experts find the perfect roast profile for each origin.

5 clubs to choose from.

Light Roast Club – for those who like fruity, complex coffees.

Coming soon…

Rich Roast Club – for those who like rich, intense coffees.

Organic Club – for those who want certified Organic coffees.

Signature Club – a monthly supply of our Signature Blend 

The ninety + Club – for the ultimate coffee connoisseur, only SCA specialty coffees delicately roasted with cup scores of ninety or more, the grand cru of coffees. Quarterly  subscription.

Free gift included for Easter and Christmas with all options.

Batch roasted the last week in every month before delivery at start of every month to ensure peak flavour after roasting. The ninety+ club is delivered once every 3 months, at the start of December, March, June and September each year.

Purchasing as a gift ? We can send the first delivery to you and the rest to another address. Simply email with both addresses once you purchase.

May Light Roast Coffee Club

Name                  Kenya

Area                    Bungoma

Estate                 Bakuae

Farmer               Various

Variety               SL28, SL34

Process              Washed

Altitude             1300-1550 masl

Roast Profile    Light

Cup Score         84.5

Taste                 Very fruity, spicy with some notes of walnuts, medium acidity, creamy body, high sweetness, pleasant lingering finish

May Rich Roast Coffee Club

Rich Organic -Rich Roast – Taste notes rich, creamy chocolate.

May Organic Coffee Club

Fairtrade Organic – Medium Roast – Taste notes of cacao, brioche and rasberry.

May Signature Club

McCabe’s Blend – Rich Roast – Taste notes of rich, creamy dark chocolate     

Ninety + Club (Dec |Mar | Jun | Sep)

June 90+ coming soon.