Coffee Club.

Carefully selected, fresh crop, speciality coffees from farmers we visit and work with around the World. Once found, our dedicated roasting and cupping experts find the perfect roast profile for each origin.

Batch roasted the week before delivery to ensure peak flavour after roasting.

You will receive a different coffee each month or you can receive a monthly supply of our signature  McCabe’s Blend.

March Coffee of the Month

Burundi Sogestal Mumirwa Ntamba

Variety: Bourbon & Jackson

Altitude: 1400+ metres above sea level

Process: Fully washed, sun dried

Taste notes: Toffee, soft herbal, red fruit and caramel sweetness. Crisp apple

acidity with malt and biscuit aftertaste.

Cupping score 83.25

Farmer: Societe de Gestion des Stations de Lavage

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