We only purchase top grade 100% Arabica from single estates in the best growing areas around the world. We offer a wide range of taste profiles with our coffees selected mainly from small family run plantations and co-operatives around the world. We prefer to work with farmers who hand pick the Arabica so the best cherries are selected. As coffee is a seasonal crop we ship coffee from around the World at different times. The best Arabica is generally picked in the middle of the country’s harvest period as the cherries will have ripened evenly. Our customers can choose from our light roasted peak-season, mid-harvest, selection from a range of plantations around the World to our medium and dark roasted award winning blends.We sample roast all coffees we intend to buy from peak season mid harvest crops from the farmers we work with around the world.

After harvesting, the coffee beans take around 3 weeks to be processed, sorted, graded, bagged and transported to the port. It takes a further 3 to 4 weeks to reach our roastery.

We then pass the raw coffee through a metal detector and sieve each bean to remove any deformed beans, stones, cocoa beans, kidney beans and other interesting things we find from time to time. We are the only company we know of that sieves the coffee to ensure you get the best quality possible. When the correct aroma, temperature and colour is reached for the particular roast we release the roasted beans into the cooling tray. No computers are used in this process. The skills acquired by Clive and Stephen over the many years of hand roasting are used to judge the correct time for the particular roast.

We only buy coffee beans form suppliers who have a consistent history of fair and ethical trading. We undertake to maintain good working relationships with all the farmers we buy from and we are dedicated to the continued work in procuring fair and ethically sourced coffee. Where possible we take the opportunity to visit our major suppliers at origin to gain first hand evidence of the above.

Every year we make an annual donation from profits to Coffee kids to give a little back to the farming communities that produce our coffee. The money goes directly to the coffee producing communities where we buy our coffee in Central and South America.

Our packaging is simple and easy to use. All our retail bags have resealable strips allowing the coffee to stay fresher for longer. There is no need to use clips or store in the freezer.

All our bags have valves to allow Co2 naturally produced by roasted coffee to escape yet prevent oxygen from entering the bags which stales the coffee.

The retail bags have great presence on retail shelves and are transparent at the back allowing customers to see the product and roast strength.

Featured Customer: Noshington cafe, South Circular Road, Dublin

Lizzy O’Sullivan
When we opened in 2010 we had little idea of what lay ahead of us. We did know, however, that we needed to sell good coffee! McCabe's Coffee were great to us from the beginning, with excellent service and support including ongoing barista training. Customers regularly compliment the quality and taste of the coffee to the point of purchasing bags of beans for themselves. McCabe's are reliable, knowledgeable and committed to quality - is great to work so closely with a company who has your best interest at heart.