We are proud to say the first Barista School in Co. Wicklow was established at our roastery in NewtownMountKennedy in 2015. Since our humble beginnings, we have seen how important training has become and how important it is to be delivering the highest standards each time.
The Coffee Association (SCA), Coffee Skills Program consists of six modules, available at three levels, with points earned at every stage. Achieving 100 points within the Coffee Skills Program makes you eligible to be awarded the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.
Please note, only points earned from Coffee Skills Program courses can be applied to the 100 points required for the Coffee Skills Diploma.
SCA Education programs are thought by over 1,500 independent Authorised SCA Trainers (ASTs), globally. The curriculum, exams, and resources behind these courses are built on decades of knowledge, research, and real-world experience. SCA certificates are recognised by employers around the world and stand out on an applicant’s resume.

We are currently offering  3 modules

Introduction to Coffee 10 points 

Barista skills
Foundation 5 points
Intermediate 10 points

Sensory Skills
Foundation 5 points
Intermediate 10 points

In addition to SCA accredited courses we have Coffee Brewing and Latte Art classes perfect for home baristas and coffee enthusiasts who want to improve their barista skills.

If you have any questions please email Renata at .