Coffee Club.

Carefully selected, fresh crop, specialty coffees from farmers we visit and work with around the World. Every month we send a different coffee after our dedicated roasting and cupping experts find the perfect roast profile for each origin. Free gift included for Easter and Christmas.

Batch roasted the last week in every month before delivery at start of every month to ensure peak flavour after roasting.

You will receive a different coffee each month or you can receive a monthly supply of our signature  McCabe’s Blend.

Purchasing as a gift ? We can send the first delivery to you and the rest to another address. Simply email with both addresses once you purchase.

July Coffee of the Month

Coffee: Kenya Thiriku
Country of Origin: Kenya
Area: Nyeri
Estate: Thiriku Famers Cooperative
Farmer: Smallholders
Altitude: 1,880 -1970 MASL
Variety: SL28
Process: Washed and dried on African raised beds
Peak Harvest: Nov/Dec
Roast Profile: Light
Awards: Cup Score +87.25
Flavour Notes & Descriptors: Blackcurrant, blackberry and strawberry

PLEASE NOTE: Limited Stock Each Month.