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Ever watched as the barista from your favourite coffee shop pours a beautiful heart, tulip, rosetta, or swan onto your morning latte? Ever wanted to try it for yourself? Then this is the course for you especially that these days Latte Art is expected of any good coffee shop! Long gone are the days where it is acceptable to just dump poorly steamed milk into a cup without care.

It is recommended that participants have some experience working with an espresso machine at work or at home.. This course will cover everything latte-art related, from understanding how the protein and fat of milk come together to allow us to make such beautiful patterns, to how the temperature of the milk can affect the pouring, and so much more. Be prepared for lots of pouring practice and guidance!

So, whether you’ve never poured a heart before or you’re a working barista who wants to take their rosetta game up a notch, this is the course for you! Whether it's for your customers, guests, friends, or family, latte art shows your coffee was made with love and care.

The course is 3 hours in duration and takes place on week days at our roastery between 9am and 5pm. Once you book online, Renata our Head Trainer will contact you to agree a time that suits.

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