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A highly popular brewing supply, Chemex filters are strong coffee filters designed in a cone shape to fit nearly any coffee machine.

Chemex coffee filters are stronger than other filters on the market, allowing the flavoursome coffee bean to infuse while preventing undesirable oils and fats from infiltrating the brew. The cone shape of Chemex filters assures uniform extraction, allowing richer flavour, as well as ensuring proper infusion time to achieve the perfect strength and taste.

The Chemex coffee filters are made from a speciality fiber filter design, which encourages precise filtering of coffee grounds. The incredible filtration gives coffee a perfectly balanced infusion, which is why so many of our customers are fan favourites of Chemex.

Use Chemex at Home with Ease

Not only do the Chemex coffee filters provide the highest quality of brew by filtering out the finest sediment particles, but they also come pre-folded in a cone shape for convenience, ready to fit straight into your coffee machine for precise fractional extraction filtering.

As with paper filters in general, the chemex papers are easy to dispose of and can be composted. The specialty fiber filter design allowing uniform extraction means that the brew includes only desirable flavor elements, delivering an ideal cup of coffee.

How Do I Use Chemex Filters?

There are a few different ways that coffee lovers can use a Chemex filter, depending on the accessories and equipment they have in their home or at work. With the filters by Chemex, you can prepare your cup of coffee like a professional barista in a matter of minutes!

Coffee Machine

The cone-shape of the filters means they can be used in a range of coffee machines on the market. To start, simply place the filter in the filter basket on your coffee machine. Next, you will need to measure out the coffee depending on how many cups you are preparing.

The most common measurement for coffee is 1 tablespoon per 150ml of water, but exact measurements can be found on the coffee packaging. Following these measurements is key to creating a delicious brew with a richer flavour. Once the coffee is inside the filter, you can begin pouring boiling water into the allocated water space on your machine. Follow specific instructions for your machine to create your perfect brew.

Pour-over Method

As well as fitting into virtually any coffeemaker, the filters are perfect for those that enjoy the manual 'pour-over method'. The pour-over method uses a filter, coffee grounds and boiling water to create a strong coffee with a rich flavour. The pour-over method is generally a longer brewing process but preferred by so many for the perfect cup of coffee.

Many coffee filters used for the pour over method are too thin, meaning that the liquid infiltrating through the filter contains the coffee ground particles as well as bitter elements that are unwanted in a brew. The filters are 20 to 30% heavier than competitive brands, to ensure undesirable components are kept well away from your coffee.

To create a cup of coffee with a good infusion and burst of flavour, you will need a glass brewer or cup, your filter, coffee grounds and boiling water.

  1. Place the filter inside the coffee brewer and pour hot water from the kettle into the filter to soak it and prepare for the coffee grounds.
  2. Tip out any excess liquid from the filter and begin measuring out your coffee ground. 1 large tablespoon of coffee ground is recommended for every 150ml of water when preparing for the pour-over method.
  3. Once you have placed the coffee ground inside the Chemex filter, begin pouring the hot water in circular motions over the top of the ground. In order to create barista quality coffee, you should only pour hot water until the coffee grounds are just about covered.
  4. Once the grounds have been saturated, wait 30 seconds before you continue brewing. This method is referred to as 'blooming' which helps carbon dioxide to release from the coffee to get rid of any unwanted sour flavours.
  5. Slowly continue pouring hot water from the kettle into the filter in circular motions, until it is about 3/4 full. Once finished, simply remove and dispose of the Chemex filter and pour your freshly brewed coffee into your mug.

Why Choose Chemex Over Other Paper Filters?

With fantastic reviews and in high demand, the Chemex bonded filters are the product to try if you want to enjoy a drink with the perfect burst of flavour and strength.

The thickness of the Chemex filter prevents the finest sediment particles from entering your brew, keeping out unwanted oils and fats that may seep through with thinner filters from other competitive brands. Your brew starts with the perfect filter, and the Chemex filters will be sure to impress.

Shop filters in McCabe's barista and brewing supplies to make your next cup of coffee the best yet.

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