Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

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Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

Slightly scented with natural oil of Bergamot. The natural oil gives this blend its scented aroma and flavour.

Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea - Sold in packs of 200g 100% recyclable resealable bags. 

Earl Grey tea is a black tea flavored with bergamot oil. It has a unique taste and might contain artificial bergamot flavor. Traditionally, it's served without milk. The flavor comes from a citrus fruit. It's associated with the 2nd Earl Grey, but its origins have various stories. It's used in cakes, chocolates, and has a caffeine content that might impact some medications.

While its argued that Earl Grey Tea may or may not have benefits, we have curated the main benefits discussed generally. Earl Grey tea contains antioxidants that support heart health. Helps with digestion and can ease bloating. Provides a moderate caffeine boost for increased focus and may boost metabolism and reduce appetite.

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